Beech Architects created a scheme for a new build barn that was as low energy as possible in both its operation and construction. It uses straw bales for its construction. Straw is highly insulating, fire resistant and a cheap readily available building material. The project also features a recycled ‘wrinkly tin’ roof using panels salvaged from other buildings. Its North side has few openings apart from the main entrance whilst the South side has areas of glass to allow solar gain controlled by a large roof overhang leading out onto a garden deck. The house features solar hot water, photovoltaics, a woodburner with back boiler and rainwater harvesting for flushing toilets. The design of the foundations minimises the use of concrete reducing it by 95% by creating small loadbearing pads rather than traditional trench fill footings. The actual building itself uses no cement or gypsum based products and focuses on natural insulation such as the sheepswool and pavatex wood insulation. 

straw bale barn Norfolk isometric
Straw Bale Barn photomontage
Straw bale barn plan
Norfolk straw bale barn views