The proposed small 2 bedroom house extension is designed to be an innovative and contemporary stand-alone building linked through an entrance area to the existing cottage which will be remodelled. The extension building is only 4m wide and 3.9m to eaves. It is also set back in the plot and split from the cottage by a glass link, all of which keeps it subservient to the main cottage but also identifiably contemporary.


The design respects the scale and pitched roof Suffolk long house vernacular with a low eaves roof of 45 degree pitch, subservient lean too of a lower pitch and single windowed gable ends. The Street gable is also cantilevered at first floor level outwards, reminiscent of many Suffolk traditional timber frame buildings. The house will also explore prefabrication techniques of timber framing with the walls, floor and roof delivered to site in just 14 pieces. The house is clad in cedar shingles chosen to reduce its carbon footprint and also as they will weather down to a silver-grey woodland colour entirely comfortable within its countryside setting. They have a 60 year design life.